The History Of Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries
Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries has its origin rooted in humility. Our ministry was founded by an ordinary church member and Bronx borough resident named Dr. Violet Wallace. With a passion for the gospel, the people and the Bronx community, Dr. Violet Wallace created a weekly prayer meeting in the basement of her own home in the year 2001. The aim of this prayer meeting was to demonstrate love and build the lives of community residents of the Bronx through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Beginnings Of Our Legacy:
The vision of a multi-functional church was imparted into Dr. Violet Wallace as she ministered through the gift of healing and deliverance to several community residents in the small basement of her Bronx home. Dr. Violet Wallace held several state conferences and as a result her reputation of fearlessness, prophetic distinction, revelation of the Word and demonstrative gift as a minister of love, compassion, healing and deliverance was popularized throughout the Bronx community. Consequently, the prayer ministry began to expand and her vision to establish a ministry for people locally and globally broadened. The vision was enveloped by the people, for the people and aimed to build quality community leaders with a heart for community outreach.

Due to her diligence and commitment, God commissioned Violet Wallace to begin a local church and become its Pastor. The first service of Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries was held in 2001 in a store front building that in a span of 1 year could no longer hold the growing congregation. The ministry began its search for a new location and leased a former furniture store 2 years after, thereafter it leased a former Bronx council building 2 years later in a response to its growth in membership, the needs of church members and the community and the passion for the gospel. As the ministry grew in numbers a 1000 member facility was constructed in late 2010.

Local Outreach:
As we expanded in members we groomed, establish community leaders and stationed them in established Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries branches. In the Bronx community, Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries has implanted two locations which are Faith In Action Miracle City and our location on Steuben Avenue is framed as the headquarters. Our yearly calendar is constructed with events that impact the lives of people. Some of our yearly activities include those that will build spiritual and mental capacity and those that help with the physical need and requirements of our community. Some of our activities include “Back To God”, “Armed And Dangerous”, “Back To School Giveaway”, “Thanksgiving Drive”, “Church Picnic”, “Youth Explosion”, “Children’s Christmas” and many more.
Global Initiative:
In May 2004, The Lord commissioned Dr. Violet Wallace to begin an international church. Faith In Action Deliverance International was birthed. The international ministry is located within the local community of Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I. Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries has a passion for seeing people excel in every area of their lives. Teaching the Bible with simplicity and making sure that people understand have been Dr. Wallace’s trademarks for years. The ministry was regularly televised on major Christian networks, such as WORD Network, Justin TV, U Stream TV, Live Stream TV. The ministry has made an impact through conventions, international fellowships, television broadcasts, nationally published books, gospel music and video productions, and continues to spread the good news via the distribution of its teachings through the internet, compact disks, audiotapes and video tapes.

In 2014, Faith Inaction Deliverance Ministries in Charleston South Carolina was planted. In 2016, a new division of Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries was established in Birmingham England to continue to transform lives and reach other borders of the world.
Continued Vision Of Expansion And Community Outreach:
Our newly community geared program is called First Choice Case Management Services Inc. First Choice Case Management Services Inc., (FCCMSI) is a community-based program located at 3231 Steuben Avenue, Bronx, New York 10467. The purpose of the program is to provide vocational services, services coordination and advocacy services to children who are transitioning from foster care back into the community; and to their families. FCCMSI is subcontracting with Catholic Guardian Services Health Care Integration Agency to provide the services to the community. FCCMSI also provides services to individuals, couples, and the LGBT populations.

As a church based on impacting our community we have also planned to create a daycare center and a soup kitchen. To date, Dr. Violet Wallace continues to build and expand the ministry and its vision to build a ministry of quality, immutable leaders and stabilized communities globally and locally.
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