This is a department that is built on love and compassion. This department is patterned from the acts of Jesus Christ. We aim to be an exemplary of love. As one of the busiest departments, our hearts, ears and eyes are always open to the cries of our communities and the World. We are built with creative ideas that are directed by the Holy Spirit to provide to the needs of our church body, the community and distances beyond what people may call ‘too far’ places. We search and run to the cries of the people. Our yearly activities are based on donations from people who carry a passion for others. A few of our scheduled activities for the year are Back-To-School Drive, Thanks-Giving Dinner and Children’s Christmas Show but we are a ministry that are consistent with unscheduled activities, always available and always ready to supply basic needs.
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3231 Steuben Ave
Bronx, NY 10467
Tel: 347- 449 - 5004
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