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Apostle Violet Wallace is the Chief Overseer & Founder of Faith in Action Deliverance Ministries Inc. since 2001. She has studied at the Manhattan Theological Seminary of New York and Trinity Theological Seminary. Her honest, thought-expanding sermons connects with the human experience on all levels, and offer encouragement and hope for everyone who hears the Good news..


 A truly unique and dedicated gift to the body of Christ, Dr. Wallace has been set apart for God's end time work. She exemplifies excellence, genuine passion for Christ and complete holiness. Apostle Violet Wallace is one who has yielded herself to the Lords perfecting ways and in both edifying and strengthening the Body of Christ.


Her message of Healing and Restoration through Divine Prophetic Revelation allows the lost, broken hearted and rejected to build up their faith and hope in the power of Jesus Christ. She empowers them to embark upon the purpose that God has a calling on their lives. She teaches Christians to be secure in the power of Christ resurrection. Her life changing messages are designed to shape, equip and educate the people of God; preparing them for Kingdom Living.


God has greatly empowered Apostle Violet Wallace to operate under the Five Fold Ministry Gifts and has appointed her as Spiritual overseer and Leadership Mentor to many new and established Ministries.


Apostle Wallace is a Prophet who proclaims God’s heart and standards for his people. She challenges the church by calling for holy thinking, righteous motives, convictions and methodologies in every arena of life. Her purpose is to usher in the fruit of the spirit, nurture the character of Christ, and promote purity and holiness.


Apostle Wallace is a Jeremiah of the old testament and a John of the new. She is an Apostle and a Prophetess who boldly declares the standards of holiness in a manner that very few can uphold. Thank God for her radical call into obedience to the Word of God.


Apostle Violet Wallace is one who says, "Send me Lord, I will go" so that your people may be delivered.


Apostle Wallace brings to the kingdom, a broad spectrum of experience in Spiritual Warfare Development and Empowering the Human mind to operate in Faith.


  • Author of "Gethsemane Hour"


  • Author of "Knowing God for Real"








Dr. Violet Wallace

Visionary and Chief Overseer


Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries Inc.




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