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Our Mission

This ministry is founded on biblical principles.


Our vision is to establish the highest faith in Christ Jesus by carrying out the Great Commission of Christ (Matt 28: 19-20). We have agreed in oneness of the Spirit to execute, and implement all goals and objectives in excellence by reaching our community through a compassionate and uncompromising ministry.


We are dedicated in producing leaders and outreach ministries that execute effectiveness in communicating, ministering and counseling families that require physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We will serve to unify, reach, and impact the lost and broken by rightly diving the word of truth and directing them in the way of salvation.



To have a worldwide ministry preaching the Gospel through vehicles of mass communication: television, radio, recording studio and printing publications that will extend and reach globally.


To establish facilities that will meet the needs of the community: daycare, after-school programs, shelter, and a soup kitchen to feed the hungry, destitute, and the less fortunate.


To have trained and equipped leaders to operate under the five fold ministry enabling us to reap a large harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God by commission of the apostolic anointing, whereby the Word of God is confirmed by miracles, signs, and wonders.


To declare Faith in Action as the largest Deliverance Ministry in the New York Metropolitan area and establish other assemblies under the ministry both on a national and international echelon


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