We are so glad and privileged that you've decided to visit our site, and we appreciate the opportunity to share our faith with you. Our ministry is one that believes in the significance of not only being hearers of the Word; but doers also, and as such, our Apostles and Pastors instills in us the commitment to serve and minister throughout the communities, drawing lost souls to God and to help believers develop true intimacy with Him. Whether it be locally or globally, our growing national and international affiliations are bound and ordained in carrying out the will and purpose of God.


FIADM (Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries), was birthed out of a weekly prayer meeting, and has quickly surpassed all human expectations. Having a true relationship with God and knowing him for real, along with much prayer and supplication, continues to be our foundation even today, evidenced by the healing and delivering power of the Almighty God, manifested in the atmosphere each time the saints begin to pray.


We believe the Bible to be the true Word of God; a guide and a blueprint for daily living and walking in the Spirit, founded on the love that the Father has for us. This love is echoed throughout our services, both off and on the air, as well as the various programs and events featured on our site, and more so within the hearts of every believer here at FIADM. So, on behalf of the Apostles, Pastors, Leaders and Members, we bid you a warm welcome.


Join us, as we are Touching The World By Faith, may you not leave the same way you came, in Jesus' name; For This Is A Place Where Everybody Is Somebody, As We Prepare You For Heaven.


Our Ministries



    The Men of Action are geared to encouraging, empowering, enduring as soldiers and warriors in Christ Jesus. Ages 22 and up are welcomed. We are committed to our community, church, and family with God provision and vision we move by faith.



    To walk into the calling that God has for all his men. We are MIGHTY MEN of VALOR; We are the MEN of ACTION


    Ephesians 4:1-3 (NIV) 1As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.





    Women only forum, ages 18-35. The visionary and founder, Pastor Monique Ross, has inspired this ministry to enhance, strengthen and build our young women in ministry. Women of Power will provide the mentorship, stability, discipline, and love that you need to move forward from your past experiences that have disabled you from the original purpose God has for you. The leaders for this ministry Sheniece Wallace and Sushannie Locke are prepared to encourage, enlighten you about the will of God, and mentor you through similar situations they have overcome. Our goal is to help you grow and develop the mind set you need to step into and maintain your spirituality in Christ.




    Faith in Action’s Women of Power is a ministry geared to enhance, strengthen and build our young women in ministry.

    We want our women to know that they are strong, gifted and beautiful. Many of the young women in Faith In Action are sitting on awesome gifts that we want to bring to the forefront. We want to build a bond of love that will build Godly and trustworthy relationships so that together we can build each other, thus taking the ministry to another level.


  • FIADM Women's Ministries

    Faith in Action Women’s Ministry was founded in 2002 with a vibrant group of women, who are dedicated to embrace, uplift and encourage.


    We are an open, diverse community of Christian women at Faith in Action dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth and wholeness in women, while supporting each other through the challenges of life.


    We are committed to inspiring and equipping women to fulfill the call and purpose of God for their lives with excellence!



    We aim to nourish the sick, heal the injured, care for the lost and strengthen the young by empowering other women through faith.



    The mission of the Women’s Ministry is realized through spiritually oriented programs, retreats, and activities that enrich the lives of women, including but not limited to:




    •     - Small group sharing


    •     - Reflection and study


    •     - Worship and prayer


    •     - Community involvement


    •     - Author of "Gethsemane Hour"


    •     - Author of "Knowing God for Real"




  • Faith In Action's Children's Church:


    Children's Church meet every Sunday morning @ 11:30 am


    Sunday school is built upon a combination of dynamic, meaningful worship and discipline of smaller group study and fellowship. In these smaller groups, we have the chance to develop and implement activities that help the class achieve its purpose. Sunday school is a living organism that is dedicated to reaching adults, youth and children. We create an atmosphere of giving and receiving support, wrestling intellectually with issues and concerns and growing in grace with our peers through the study of God’s living word.




    Sunday school is a time for the whole family. Besides the family, no persons or structure has been as instrumental as the Sunday school in molding the lives of our precious children and youth. In a world so immersed in corruption, we have prepared a place for the whole family in Sunday school.




    The purpose of Sunday school is to support the church by:


        *Providing a supportive, transforming community for children, youth and adults

        *Teaching the structures and the application of biblical truth to life

        *Fostering outreach to the community

        *Reflecting responsibility and accountability

        *Inspiring saints to focus on the vision of the church




    1 Tim 4:12  /

    “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”





    The purpose of this ministry is to build up young people and train them to be examples to their peers and to the body of Christ. As was instructed to Timothy by Paul, we want the young people to be examples in Word (their conversations), Conduct (behavior in and out of church), in Love (how they express the love of God to others), in Spirit (understanding and operating the move of the Holy Spirit), in Faith (their ability to trust and depend on God in all situations) and in Purity (keeping themselves and lives pure and holy before God).


    We want to train our young people to develop their characters and to be leaders both in the spirit as well as in the natural. They will learn Godly principles that can be applied to their spiritual lives and natural everyday life. They must understand that there is no separation between their spirit man and natural man but that they are one-and-the same. We are spiritual beings first and then flesh so our conversation, conduct, decisions and lives should always reflect the ways of the spirit of God.



    We will also be preparing our youth for their future by helping them with academics, helping them prepare for college, encouraging them to get involved with community service and volunteer work. These things will equip them with the necessary tools they need to be successful in fulfilling their destinies.


    Youth Ministry meets every Friday @ 6:30pm



  • FIADM Evangelism Team

    The Faith in Action Community Outreach team is very concerned with its surrounding community. Our goals are to alert the neighborhood as to our presence and willingness to reach out to them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


    Our evangelism team interacts with the community on reoccurring basis. We go about distributing written materials about God’s unfailing love and his call to repentance. We also administer prayer by the laying on of hands to those who make a request or by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


    We are consistently studying new ways of evangelizing and researching various witness tools. Our goals are to make everyone in our community aware of the Lord’s plan of salvation.



    In addition to distributing tracks, the outreach team also gives out free bibles to anyone who is willing to get one step closer to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.



    The Outreach team is encouraged to stand by faith and share the gospel in spite of rejection, which is sometimes the reality. They are continuously being spiritually fed that they may grow stronger in their faith and in their commission to go into the entire world and compel others to come.




    Welcome to the outreach media ministry of FIA!


    Our goal is to provide a quality viewing experience in a manner that is culturally and technologically prevalent to today’s generation.


    We produce CD’s of live recorded services.


    We produce DVD series of biblical teachings, crusades, conferences and weekly recorded services.


    This department oversees, the daily activities in making sure that you will be able to watch and enjoy archived worship services as well as be ministered to by dynamic and transformational messages.



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